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Cheesekids Goodies

Here is where we give you the givers... special offers, product
discounts and cool merchandising @ cost and anything cool that comes
to mind. Check back regularly to make sure you get urself a little
lurv as you give it.

Mandela Day Tees...

If you missed out on getting a tee-shirt on Mandela Day or you had it unceremoniously taken off you by your siblings or significant other then here's your chance to get yourself (or them) a piece of history.

tees are still going at R 67 each because we wanna make every day a Mandela Day. Order yours today at goodies@cheesekids.org.za

Simply tell us how many, sizes and delivery address. We'll furnish you with bank details to deposit before we ship it off to you. R 25 extra to have your name emblazoned on the back or your company logo on the front.


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